A1 Decoupage Fiber – Seashore Sprinter

655350672614-A1 Decoupage Fiber – Seashore Sprinter

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1 sheet, A1 size –
“Seashore Sprinter” offers a mesmerizing depiction of a white horse sprinting along the seashore in a dreamy monochromatic color scheme, evoking a sense of serene beauty and boundless freedom. The monochromatic color scheme enhances the dreamlike quality of the composition, imbuing it with a sense of timelessness and mystery. Redesign’s A1 Decoupage Paper is incredibly easy to use. Simply measure and cut the desired amount of paper, add Decoupage Gel on the prepared surface, set paper on top and smooth it with the Scraper Tool or Brayer. Our Décor Tissue Paper is created for use on walls, furniture, and other décor items.

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